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Pics in ads are completely accurate. Fit girl, not skinny, but what youd expect from a beach babe, about 5'3" or so. Blonde, big blue eyes, cute voice. She is tanned, and has soft skin, very soft skin. Breasts are d cup, very very perky, the definition of perky quite frankly. Legs are beautiful, when I showed up she was wearing a mini skirt and heels, so ye, they were perfect. Shes a knock out and if you like petites, youll like this one. She has a great attitude.


met Amy last week in Cancun while traveling. it was my first time seeing her but she was awesome. Beautiful and sexy inside and out, would without a doubt suggest seeing her. I will again for sure.

Steven Stein

I found Amy to be an engaging and attentive fantasy lover, would recommend for sure.


Very toned, perky natural breasts, perfect buns, shaved, little makeup - didn't need it, looks fantastic in and out of clothes, energetic and fun!


Fit, Young, Intoxicating eyes and smile, MXawless skin and physique, Beautiful inside and out naturals, perfect nips, and ass ?!........ well, again, no words can do justice. See her gallery, and imagine even better in person!


Met Amy in her Apt's lounge a few minutes ahead of our scheduled time; she was just finishing her lunch and she offered to share her wine with me. Amy is a very attractive girl (I'm old enough to call her a girl!) who appears to be very comfortable with people looking at her. Oh, yes, she has also worked as a model. She was wearing some tastefully snug white slacks and a black lacy top showing just the right amount of cleavage; every straight guy (and probably a few women) were wishing that they could be ME at that time!

George M.